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1. SGF Series Washing, Filling & Capping 3-in-1 Unit
2. LRGF Series Washing, Filling and Capping3-in-1 Unit
3. DCGF Series Constant Pressure Washing Filling and Capping 3-in-1 Unit
4. BGF Series Beer Filling Capping 2-in-1 Unit Machine
5. QGF Full Automatic Barreled Water Product Line
6. Auxiliary Machinery for Fruit Juice Beverage Processing
7. QHS Series Drink Mixer
8. Water Treatment Equipment
9. Sleeve Label Machine
10. Bottle Unscrambler
11. Auto Shrink Packing Machine
12. Bottle Blowing Machine
13. Auxiliary Machinery for 3-in-1 Beverage Filling Product Line
14. Low Vacuum Negative Pressure Filling Machine
15. Washing, Filling and Sealing Product Line For Pure Water
16. Carbonated Drink Auto Washing, Filling and Sealing Product Line
17. Bag-making Machine Series
18. Meat Processing Machinery



  Auxiliary Machinery for 3-in-1 Beverage Filling Product Line


    Air conveying system
  Structural features:
☉SUS air conveying box and blowing channel.
☉Internal deflection board to make effective distribution of air.
☉Conveying progress works automatically, without too much maintenance & repair.
☉Conveying with high flow, stable transported without scratch.
☉Operated safely, steadily and reliably.
  Caps Conveying Machine

Operating principle:
Caps settling machine is equipped with detector switch, which will make the signal when there are only certain amount caps left ,and start the caps conveying machine to convey caps.

Certain amount of caps in the caps storage. Automatic cap feeding machine shakes caps into the airpipe by the vibration motor. The wind of the fan sends the caps to caps settling machine through the conveying air channel.

Technical data:
Model: SG-I
Draught fan: 380V/0.55KW
Overall Size: 700mm×700mm×1000mm(L×W×H)

  Bottle body Blow-drying Machine

Technical Introduction
Using high pressure fan to make the high-speed flowing air spurt by a special air knife, blowing away droplets on the bottle body. The air knife can be adjusted freely according to different bottle size. The slit-sloping arrangement can make sure that each side of the bottle can be blowed by the high speed air.
Bottle body Blow-drying Machine is made up of high pressure blower, high temperature resistant hose, air knife, rack, control device, etc.



  Stainless steel convey system

Equipment Description
The efficiency of the production line has great relatonship with the conveying belt’s configuration. The good connection between the front-end equipment and the later ones must be considered. Our production line has made full consideration of the relationship between the customer investment and the efficiency of the production line. Equipped with foreign advanced technology, the machine has many advantages, such as special design, good quality, light weight and good interconvertibility. The conveying system is reliable and easy to maintance, mainly used to conveyφ40~φ130 mm bottles. Electric control system adopts PLC technology, which can realize deceleration of the bottle running speed and buffer function automatically.

Main Character
The conveying process is stable. There is a good connection between the conveying belt and the main engine.
The conveying belt’s constructure adopts modular design, with good interconvertibility between components.
Electric control system adopts PLC technology, having reasonable design. We can also design the control system according to customer’s requirements.
The swich position can be specially designed according to the conveying system or customer’s requirements.




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