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1. SGF Series Washing, Filling & Capping 3-in-1 Unit
2. LRGF Series Washing, Filling and Capping3-in-1 Unit
3. DCGF Series Constant Pressure Washing Filling and Capping 3-in-1 Unit
4. BGF Series Beer Filling Capping 2-in-1 Unit Machine
5. QGF Full Automatic Barreled Water Product Line
6. Auxiliary Machinery for Fruit Juice Beverage Processing
7. QHS Series Drink Mixer
8. Water Treatment Equipment
9. Sleeve Label Machine
10. Bottle Unscrambler
11. Auto Shrink Packing Machine
12. Bottle Blowing Machine
13. Auxiliary Machinery for 3-in-1 Beverage Filling Product Line
14. Low Vacuum Negative Pressure Filling Machine
15. Washing, Filling and Sealing Product Line For Pure Water
16. Carbonated Drink Auto Washing, Filling and Sealing Product Line
17. Bag-making Machine Series
18. Meat Processing Machinery



 Water Treatment Equipments


  One-stage Osmosis Purifying Water Equipment
One-stage reverse osmosis
Raw water(tap water, surface water, underground water)pass pretreatment system, sophisticated filter, and then sent to reverse osmosis by high pressure pump to produce pure water directly is known as one-stage reverse osmosis.
One-stage reverse osmosis is suitable for the raw water with conductivity less than 500 us/cm and conductivity of output water is 1-10us/cm


  Two-stage Osmosis Purifying Water Equipment
Two-stage reverse osmosis
The original water(tap water, surface water, underground water) is sent to pretreatment system by adding pressure to be filtered roughly, then to be filtered by sophisticated filer, and the water is transmitted to primary reverse osmosis by one-stage high pressure pump to be filtered, then the water is added pressure again by secondary high pressure pump and sent to second reverse osmosis system to produce the produce the product water, this source is called two-stage reverse osmosis.
Raw water conductivity>500us/cm, Purified water conductivity:1-10us/cm.



  Ultra Filtration Equipment For Mineralized Water And Spring Water
Ultra filtration
Normally the ultra-filtration is used to produce mineralized water and spring water. Driven by pressure, it is a process of discharging impurity through different diameter hole on the ultra filtration membrane. At present, the hollow-fiber type of polysulfones are widely used in water treatment industry.




JDL Series Multi-medium Filter
The equipment is a hermetically sealed chamber made of 1 Cr18NiTi stainless steel which is set inside gritted rod, therefore get filtrated and clean.
The equipment is widely used in petroleum industry, medicine industry, brew manufacturing and beverage industry.
It is a ideal equipment to produce high quality water.
The production capacity: 1-100T/h.




CHT Series Active Carbon Filter
This filter is designed for drinking water treatment. It can clear away alien color and foreign substance from the water and can remove heavy metal such as mercury, lead, cadmium, Zink, iron, manganese and chromium, and hydrogenate, sulphide, small amount of remaining chloddeang so on. The filter is the ideal equipment for drinking water, foodstuff, beverage, pharmaceutical industries. The production capacity: 1-100T/h.

SNJ Series Sodium Ion Exchanger
The exchanging device is for reducing the hardness of hard water. Raw water goes through the exchanger from top to bottom, to be softened by the sodium ion-exchanger inside the device. The positive ions of magnesium and calcium are exchanged with that of sodium. Then the raw water becomes soft water containing very few ions of magnesium and calcium. The soft water can be used for feeding water of boiler and for some industrial uses. Due to its high dissolving ability in water, sodium ions will not form hard sediment in the boiler and can be easily removed. Raw water shall be filtered and settled with almost on suspended before coming into the Lone changing device. After being softened in the device, the water's hardness shall be less than 0.03mg equivalent/L. The production capacity: 1-100T/h. 



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